Our story with Eco Bambou started 12 months ago when while travelling we discovered organic fiber clothing. Amazed firstly by the softness then as we started wearing what we purchased we experienced firsthand the many other personal comfort & health benefits organic fibers provide.

As we began to investigate the production & manufacturing of these clothes we learnt about the positive environmental & fair-trade impacts that were being achieved using these fibers. I mean I’d heard of sweat shops & knew Asia didn’t share the same work standards as Australia. As the reality of the conditions, the people, the children and the exploitation the fashion industry had created We were appalled. That’s without starting on the environmental benefits organic clothing has over traditional methods. The second dirtiest industry in the world behind Oil.

I’ve always been conscious of environmental issues & respected the planet we live on, but never did I realize the real damage what we wear has on the environment and the impact it will have on the lives on our children and beyond.

After our many adventures to research these claims thoroughly, the many discussions with experts in production, the visits to farms and factories which took us down many trails to meet the people who farm and create the very fiber’s we made a decision that changed our lives and we hope will change and improve the lives of many, many more people. We will help change the world we thought so we quit our jobs and got busy.

In November 2017 we opened our first shop. Right at home, in Perth! We are excited to bring Eco Bambou to Australia. We want to help you discover our 100% organic fiber clothing so you to can enjoy the amazing benefits and see what all the fuss is about. Eco is the new black and the trend is growing towards ethical and social responsibility and environmentally conscious living.


Present since 2001 on the Eco-fashion clothing market, Eco Bambou Co is a French manufacturer and designer of Eco-friendly clothing produced with fair trade practices.

Eco Bambou Australia is the exclusive regional partner of the parent company.

Eco Bambou Co was founded and inspired by Environmental responsible behaviour with fair and ethical production guarantees.

As pioneers in the organic fibre industry, the French company have sourced and designed these amazing fibres for 17 years now.

That why, it is with the same spirit and passion, than we strive to be creative, innovative and relentless in our quest to bring comfort, style and quality to your wardrobe, and choose the best for the Australian market.

We encourage you to try our organic clothing and accessories, so you too can enjoy the comforts and benefits that organic clothing provides. For you, but also for the environment.


All our products are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 1000 the highest independent accreditation body which are recognized worldwide.

Eco Bambou Australia provides an extensive organic clothing product range of high quality & Eco-friendly clothing for men, women and children all year round which is complemented with our range of accessories including, underwear, watches, scarves, purses, belts hats and shoes.

Our current Eco Fashion collection is produced from bamboo, soybean, eucalyptus, beech tree, cork, 100% cotton & 100% linen.

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